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My life during the 80s included New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Madonna and Michael Jackson. This past month I traveled back in time to the 80’s, Hollywood, California-style….rock clubs, strip clubs, record stores and most of all rock music.

The Rock of Ages movie filmed in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties from May through August. They transformed a rough section (overtown) of Miami into the Sunset Strip: Whiskey a-go go, Bourban Room, Tower Records, Rainbow Room, the Comedy Store etc. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to be an extra, but that’s okay because we were able to walk on the set and take pictures. A couple of people I know were extras and one of the extras said Tom Cruise did an awesome cover of Def’ Leppard’s “Pour some sugar on me,” who knew he could sing? LOL

The first time my friend and I went, we were coming directly from work, which is about 45 minutes away, so when we got there it was dusk. We were amazed by the effort and work it took to build this set. We took some pictures, but I ran out of batteries for my camera and ended up taking iPhone photos (not so good)! My friend forgot his camera. I have to say being there at night is pretty scary…we were approached several times by people asking for money etc. Not so secure. When were leaving to head home, we drove through Downtown Miami and saw that they were filming the TV series Burn Notice!

The second visit was an absolute blast. We decided to go to back down to the set on a Saturday and take pictures during the day. The details were amazing, rock posters were pasted at every rock club, graffiti, marquee’s etc. They even re-created an 80’s gas station. They had the old school gas pumps and of course old school prices. They had rows upon rows of bus benches, with the old ads on the backs. Very cool. Security was taken very seriously, basically every “club” had a guard.

The third visit,  was on a filming day.  We found the ROA filming schedule through a local website, so we trekked on down there again. They were filming all night from 6PM t0 like 3 or 4AM…craziness!!!….when we got down there, they were rehearsing. Luckily we were able to view the filming, we found a spot  that was out of the way to sit down and observe. Anyways, David Lee Roth’s “Just like paradise” was blaring through the speakers and we saw this girl with a suitcase run across the street, I was like THAT’S JULIANNE HOUGH!!! So they did a couple of more takes, we saw her run through a whole scene. I believe she just arrived in Hollywood and she was walking down the street, gave a homeless guy money and then someone came by and stole her suitcase and ran off.  I have a short video that my friend shot…it was from far away though. We wound up  getting kicked out because we were taking photos….oh, well!….lesson learned.

The last visit was disappointing….they were definitely filming because we saw the blinking lights and the whole entire set (2 blocks) was bright.  We had to view from afar because every possible entry was blocked by the Miami-Dade police…booo….I am going to NYC in mid-Sept. so maybe I will see the broadway version of ROA.

Here are links to the pictures I took:

Click Here to View the Pictures of the Set.
Click Here to View the Before and Afters.


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