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I just finished watching a bunch of episodes of Long Island Medium that I had recorded on my DVR.  I discovered this show late in the first season and it instantly struck a chord with me. I don’t think there is one episode where I didn’t cry. I instantly related with the people who are trying to spiritually reconnect with their deceased loved ones.  I am on the fence on whether or not true psychic mediums as a whole are authentic, but after watching this show, I would love to believe that Teresa Caputo has the gift and is not another Miss Cleo, LOL!

During her readings, I noticed that she points out symbols or occurrences that happen in the lives of her clients. For instance watch this clip: http://youtu.be/nFMFfOoApgg

After, I watched this, I thought of symbols or coincidences that have occurred. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a state park with a couple of friends, the park is good sized so after hours of sitting at our picnic spot, I glanced across the water and noticed a huge brick home on a point lot, nothing out of the ordinary right? Well for about ten years, my father (who is not longer alive) and I used to go on his friend’s boat on the Intracoastal and watch the Air & Sea show. One year, my dad was remodeling a house and the owner let us all have total access to the house, pool, barbecue during the sea show — that house was the brick home overlooking the ICW!  Looking back now, it is a really fond memory. I have to wonder, if it was a sign from my father the day of the picnic.

Another kind of funny coincidence…my grandmother was an awesome lady and very hip, didn’t act her age! She was a huge Madonna fan, so much so, that my uncle bought her the Justify my Love sex book….don’t ask hahaha.  On October 14, 1996 my grandma lost her battle with cancer and within a couple of hours of her passing, Madonna gave birth to Lourdes. I think it was a sign and coincidence of a death and birth.

The big question of course is whether symbolism is just simply wishful thinking. It might be just a quirk that people have for noticing things at emotional times in their lives and making an association. Nevertheless, I believe that we are given messages and symbols from the other side. Whether there is any rational explanation who knows? At the very least it still remains a wonderful way to keep loved one’s in your thoughts.


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