I Spy a Little Ghost

I was browsing Twitter and I clicked on a photo I posted in remembrance of my sweet boy Monty (white boxer), who passed in May. The photo was taken a while back on a Thanksgiving I hosted with my two good friends. I happened to notice that there was a small image of a dog which resembled my red boxer Lucy. I then noticed that she was too far away to cast a shadow. About 5 years prior, I had a red boxer named Sugar Ray. He was a special guy to me. Maybe it was him? I would like to think it was, even though it’s creepy it sweet to know that ghosts could be real.

Original Photo


Close Up


Sugar Ray





I came across this little image on Facebook and I thought it was true. Often times, we take those closest to us for granted and think they are always going to be there. The reality is that you never know what the future may hold. I was thinking today of a friend who helped me cope with a death in my family, without that person being there and who could relate to what I was going through, it would have been much more difficult. Even though we were only friends for a year, she was a better friend than friends I have known for years. No excuses, or judgements. Finding good, non-selfish friends is hard. Unfortunately, I lost contact as she moved out of state, but I am eternally gratefully. Thanks Lisa!!!

ImageOver the Memorial Day holiday, a friend and I went to Orlando; it’s somewhat of a new tradition. This year, May-hem, a “horror” convention, fell on the holiday weekend. I love going to these conventions, because the freak level is off the chain. This year, I wasn’t too excited over the “celebrities”, so my friend and I drove up and just walked around the hotel, which was fun.

Afterwards, we drove to a nearby town called Windermere (where Tiger Woods lives). While driving around, we spotted this really cool foreclosed house that looked like a castle, I think it would have been a perfect backdrop for a movie. Gargoyles, Stonework and gothic architecture made it standout. The water view was breathtaking. I did a little bit of research and found it was listed for $1.6M.


If you have been to Florida, you know to drive from Central Florida to South Florida is very boring and monotonous. Since we had time, we decided to drive from Orlando to Boca Raton using the beach route (A1A). I do recommend it, but be prepared, it’s a looooong journey. We did hop on I-95 around Cocoa Beach, there was too much traffic on A1A. We exited around the Fort Pierce area and went back to US-1 & A1A. I am sharing with you some stops we made along the way. Hope you enjoy and maybe you can check out if you are in the area. FYI: Some of the Palm Beach celeb homes were kind of hard to take pictures because the estates were gated. You can google them, to see more detailed views.

Joey Fatone’s Former House in Orlando
Google it! The home is massive


Cape Canaveral


Road Traveled On


Beachfront Home


Cool Church Along the Route


Jupiter Inlet


Celine Dion’s Palm Beach Home
Just as a side note, do not park at the edge of her driveway, there’s a security guard – we got yelled at.


Kid Rock – Jupiter Inlet Colony

Kid Rock

Olivia Newton John – Jupiter Inlet Colony – Currently Up for Sale

Olivia Newton John-1

Howard Stern – $52M Palm Beach Estate – Wowsers

Howard Stern-1

Jimmy Buffett – New Palm Beach Home

Jimmy Buffett

Palm Beach Home I liked


Enjoying the Beach Life!


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Occasionally I receive emails showing upcoming book signings. I can’t say I am a huge fan of Jessica Alba, but I thought it would be kind of cool to see her Q&A and have something signed. The location of the signing was at an old church in Coral Gables (Miami area). I thought it was a little strange to have a Q&A up on the altar, but whatever. The crowd wasn’t huge, I would say around 40 people on a weekday. She showed up around 45 minutes late, not a good first impression. The Q&A was quick, it was mostly her talking about her new book, which is focused on health and organic tips. Afterwards, we had our books signed. Unfortunately there were no pictures with her allowed or other items allowed to be signed. After we left, we went to the Biltmore Hotel, across the street and looked around. When we were driving out, we saw these huge paparazzi flashes, it was insane. My friend and I rushed over there. Since I was driving, I told my friend to jump out while I found parking. It turns out she stopped to sign autographs, too bad we got there too late to have anything signed, but my friend took a funny video and a picture of Jessica taking a photo of the paparazzi. It was a fun night, I had to say. I even found myself on the local news, lol!





Typically, I cannot recall any dreams that I have, but the last couple of nights I have had a couple of memorable dreams. Last night I had the most disturbing dream. I dreamed that it was found that I had incurable cancer, the worst part is that no one seemed to think anything of it. I woke up feeling freaked out. I immediately had to look to the dream interpretation site to see what the meaning is:

To dream that you have cancer denotes hopelessness, grief, self-pity, and unforgiveness. You feel you are wasting your life away. This dream also represents areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you, and hurting you in some emotional way.

I don’t always agree with these interpretations, but I have to say this one is dead on. For the last couple of weeks I have been feeling hopeless and that I wasted alot of opportunities to excel, sad that friends and relationships that I have had in the past are no longer, and that everyone seems to have moved on in life and left me in the dust (thus the self-pity, lol).  I am working on getting my life back on track, and in some ways this dream and interpretation have helped me realize my shortcomings and what I need to do to get back on track…be more positive.


I was flipping through the channels and I came across this show Extreme Cheapskates. This woman is soooo strange..Sorry, there is no way I am not using toilet paper just to save a few pennies. Definitely wouldn’t shake her hand.

Part 1 – Explains her hygiene and living arrangements

Part 2 – She serves her friend and his girlfriend a “dumpster dived” meal.