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Shamrock Sale

I have always been an avid fan of accessories and jewelry. For years, I created bracelets and necklaces for friends and family, I was tired of seeing the same old designs in big box stores and the local boutique stores were quite pricey. A friend of mine suggested that I branch out and test the waters on ebay and etsy. After a few sales, I was over the moon and now my obsession has reached new levels! LOL! I am a South Florida resident specializing in unique handmade beaded bracelets. I am always open to custom requests. Thank you for looking at my store – you are appreciated! Be Unique ~ Amber!


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ImageOver the Memorial Day holiday, a friend and I went to Orlando; it’s somewhat of a new tradition. This year, May-hem, a “horror” convention, fell on the holiday weekend. I love going to these conventions, because the freak level is off the chain. This year, I wasn’t too excited over the “celebrities”, so my friend and I drove up and just walked around the hotel, which was fun.

Afterwards, we drove to a nearby town called Windermere (where Tiger Woods lives). While driving around, we spotted this really cool foreclosed house that looked like a castle, I think it would have been a perfect backdrop for a movie. Gargoyles, Stonework and gothic architecture made it standout. The water view was breathtaking. I did a little bit of research and found it was listed for $1.6M.


If you have been to Florida, you know to drive from Central Florida to South Florida is very boring and monotonous. Since we had time, we decided to drive from Orlando to Boca Raton using the beach route (A1A). I do recommend it, but be prepared, it’s a looooong journey. We did hop on I-95 around Cocoa Beach, there was too much traffic on A1A. We exited around the Fort Pierce area and went back to US-1 & A1A. I am sharing with you some stops we made along the way. Hope you enjoy and maybe you can check out if you are in the area. FYI: Some of the Palm Beach celeb homes were kind of hard to take pictures because the estates were gated. You can google them, to see more detailed views.

Joey Fatone’s Former House in Orlando
Google it! The home is massive


Cape Canaveral


Road Traveled On


Beachfront Home


Cool Church Along the Route


Jupiter Inlet


Celine Dion’s Palm Beach Home
Just as a side note, do not park at the edge of her driveway, there’s a security guard – we got yelled at.


Kid Rock – Jupiter Inlet Colony

Kid Rock

Olivia Newton John – Jupiter Inlet Colony – Currently Up for Sale

Olivia Newton John-1

Howard Stern – $52M Palm Beach Estate – Wowsers

Howard Stern-1

Jimmy Buffett – New Palm Beach Home

Jimmy Buffett

Palm Beach Home I liked


Enjoying the Beach Life!


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I started making bracelets and other jewelry. I listed a couple of  bracelets on ebay and etsy not expecting any views, but to my surprise I sold 8. So I thought to myself, let me start a website, it’s not fancy or anything but I thought I would share it. http://www.ambiesbeadboutique.com/

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“People seem to get nostalgic about a lot of things they weren’t so crazy about the first time around.#  ~Author Unknown

When I was pumping gas today, which by the way was $3.85 a gallon, I reminisced back to when I was in school 10 years ago and gas was .99¢ a gallon and how much life has changed since then.

  1. Music Mediums. I remember being so excited when I bought my Pontiac Sunfire and it came with a cassette player. I used to make mixed tapes and record my songs from the radio (I think I was a little behind the times) this was in 1998.  Fast forward to 2000 and Napster was the main thing…I must have downloaded 1000 songs. Times change so quickly that now buying music CDs are now obsolete. It used to be so fun going to used CD stores and search for hours for hard to find music. I remember when I was in college and my friend and I went to CD Warehouse every couple of days during our class breaks. The sales clerk after a while remembered us and turned us on to Morrissey, Radiohead and Depeche.
  2. Used Bookstores.  I went to B&N a couple of days ago and it made me think about All Books & Records in Fort Lauderdale. My friends and I would spend hours look through 1000’s of used books, music, vhs tapes. It was the coolest place, limited air conditioning, a funky smell and hidden treasures. It was great you could sell your books and cds to them for a store credit. I know I am a dork but that is just me.
  3. Carefree adventures. I miss the days of impromtu adventures with friends.  Every weekend was something new. Anything from Orlando day trips to painting ceramics or taking boat rides in Miami and going to strange clubs and bars. Now, adventures a few and far between and they have to be planned far in advance.
  4. Education. Back in the day, I always took continuing education courses to keep my skills current and to meet new people. I was looking several months ago and now all classes are online only….errr! What happened to classroom instruction?
  5. Free Events. I spent many weekends attending free concerts at Gulfstream Park or at clubs. Now concerts are major $$$. Festivals, Art Shows etc….are no longer free!

My list could go on and on, don’t even get me started on my childhood nostalgia….Jem, NKOTB, Jelly Shoes, Slap Bracelets etc…

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